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Screw Piles

Dependable Screw Pile Foundation

Groundbreakers Canada stands at the forefront when it comes to providing modern and sustainable alternatives for foundation requirements in Moncton and surrounding areas. Our screw pile foundation professionals can install ground screws beneath new and existing structures. We work based on budget, timeline, installation and site completion. We keep you involved in the project and share an update on all matters concerning the project’s progress. Let us build a secure foundation for your property today. Call us to discuss the specifics. 

Advantages of Ground Screw-based Foundation

When compared to conventional concrete foundations, screw-based foundations offer a host of benefits. The tools we use are designed to ensure a high level of efficiency and precision while installing the foundations. Here are some advantages that will surely win you over:


Ground screws allow the contractors to build a foundation without having to do soil sealing, which disturbs the soil ecosystem of the construction area. There is little to no damage to the vegetation in the area. As screws can be easily removed once their work is done, a space is left. Plus, they are recyclable, and if not damaged, you can reuse them easily!


Pile foundations have been in use for a very long time in construction. Ground screws that revolve around this principle are quite sophisticated technically. With a higher load-bearing capacity, these foundations are considered much safer.


Screws offer a cost-effective solution, have very high efficiency, and can be installed and removed quickly. Even if you are working on a small site with a hard surface, it is fairly easy to manage screwdrivers as they are maneuverable and lightweight. There is no need to move the earth as the screws are directly driven into the ground. You can immediately load screws as soon as they are installed. Above all, weather conditions can’t delay your job when working with screwdrivers.

Project Process

With the right process and tools, building a screw-based foundation is easy. Here are the multiple steps that your engineers take for building a strong foundation:

Subsoil evaluation

Before any construction starts, an in-depth subsoil evaluation is very important. This allows the engineers to identify the soil’s load-bearing capacity, its structure, layers, and the behaviour of groundwater. Engineers will better understand the nature of the soil so that they can get a corrosion evaluation done. It also allows you to understand if your foundation will affect your neighbouring buildings or not.

Foundation planning

Once the geological surveys give results, engineers use that information to start planning the foundation. You have to get the construction method approved in advance. As a part of this step, the right type of screws that are to be used is decided.

Load-bearing capacity test

Foundation planning gives an idea regarding the ground’s load-bearing capacity, and these tests are done to confirm the estimates. This test also allows the engineers to identify the right installation parameters, such as the minimum torque. Keep in mind that you have access to the underground cable plans for the area before you start the load-bearing capacity test.

Installation and documentation

Once the evaluations and planning phase is complete, updates will be made, which should be approved by the structural engineer or the person in charge. At first, the location for the ground screws will be determined, and then an experienced operator can work on the installation. The torque at the position of the ground screw should be recorded and documented as evidence.

Dismantling the construction

If a certain project is only intended to last for a limited period of time, engineers should make sure that they make it easy to dismantle screws once the purpose is served. Our screws are easy to unscrew and recover. If not damaged, these can even be used again for a different project. Even if they are damaged, it is easy to recycle them!

Ground Screwdrivers

We offer top screw-driving technology, precision and efficiency to help you get strong and reliable ground screw-based foundations. All the machines are very light and simple to operate. You can choose from the following electric manual screw driving tools, hydraulic excavator add-ons and self-driving caterpillars:

KRE 17 - Manual screwdriver

As an affordable entry-level model, KRE 17 allows you to effectively install professional foundation solutions by hand. The ground screw has a pipe diameter of 140 mm and a length of 1600 mm.

Performance characteristics:

120 volt
Approx. 3,000 Nm torque
Compatible with all Krinner screw driving attachments

KRE 20 - The powerful manual screwdriver

While covering the same areas of application as the KRE 17, this machine offers more power with higher torque.

Performance characteristics:

120 volt
Approx. 3,000 Nm torque
Compatible with all Krinner screw driving attachments

KRB 250 - Hydraulic excavator add-on (free pendulum)

If you are dealing with hard ground layers and want to install large foundations, KRB 250 is a great choice. It can easily work on rocky substrates without breaking a sweat.

Performance characteristics:

Base vehicle required: Excavator weighing from 8 t
Approx. 20,000 Nm torque
Hydraulic driver add-on
Automatic orientation in the X-axis

KRL - Hydraulic excavator add-on (drill attachment)

Combining precision and strength, KRL enables you to install ground screws with corresponding power, thanks to the drill guide.

Performance characteristics:

Approx. 15,000 Nm torque
Quick-change device
For projects with large foundations (diameters up to 140 mm; wall thickness up to 6.3 mm)

KRD 30 - Self-driving caterpillar

With a light and manoeuvrable design, KRD 30 can be used in particularly small and difficult-to-access construction sites. Adaptors for various drilling tasks (down-the-hole- hammer, core drilling bit or augers) add to the performance profile.

Performance characteristics:

Approx. 8,000 Nm torque
Only 1.1 t transport weight
2.4 m drill lift
Precisely-defined feed force
Krinner logo

Start with a Firm Foundation

Choose the technology of screw piles and the expertise of Groundbreakers Canada for your project.

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